Poème candles are hand poured in small batches on the Gold Coast, Australia. All scents are locally sourced, cruelty free, and carefully blended and curated for you. Each scent is unique on it's own, keeping them simple and eco-friendly.

I'm Demi! The only operator, maker, and creator of Poème.

I only use organic products, such as 100% pure soy wax, organic coconut wax, apricot oil, soy recycled cotton wicks, plant-based fragrances, skin-friendly essential oils, and reusable labels. The packaging has been recycled from suppliers, and the Australia Post Satchels can be recycled at your local post office.

My candles are poured into jars, tumblers, and handcrafted ceramic built by me. I also create perfume oils that are completely non-toxic and plant-based. My handcrafted ceramic will be stocked for only short periods of time and once sold, will not be replicated. On occasion I will release short batches of other hand made ceramic pieces. All made from Australian clay and glazes and built only by bare hands. 

A question I get asked a lot is why I chose the name 'Poème' (pronounced po-em). When I was trying to figure out a name for my business I was reading a lot of information and learning about apothecary. I realised that candle-making is a perfect combination of apothecary and science, and there was a real poetry and union of the two. With a french heritage, I decided Poème was all of those aspects and here we are. 

I created Poème for myself initially, through the practice of self care and pursuing something that was my own making. I have a strong passion for small businesses and handmade products that give your home that sense of closeness and community. I love the concept of affordability, accessibility, and the essence of community with local humans who share the same joys as me. My practice of self care is candle making, it's therapeutic and allows me a time in my day for mindfulness. 

I hope you love my products as much as I do. I'm transparent and welcoming of everyone and always look forward to speaking with people about my creations and all things community. 

Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting with you