Thank you for burning 

Poème candles. Please carefully read some helpful tips for keeping your candle in perfect burning condition while also taking care of the home they burn in. 

1. When you first burn your Poème candle, be sure the wax melts across the entire surface of the vessel. This method will avoid tunnelling, and will create an even burn for your candles lifetime.

2. If your wick mushrooms after blowing out the flame, be sure to trim this off. This will avoid black smoke during your candles next burn. 

3. If black smoke does begin to sit on the edges of your vessel, please remove with tissue. This avoids you breathing in the smoke during the next burn.

4. Please remove any debris from the candle's wax (if any) after any burn sessions.

5. You can maximise scent throw by having your doors and windows open. 

6. Please store your candles in a cool and dry place, as your candle is made from organic ingredients which can discolour when in view of the sun, elements and harsh indoor lighting. 

7. It is recommended you do not burn your candle for more than three hours at a time. This will also lengthen your candles lifetime. The longer the burn, the stronger the flame, which will melt your wax faster.

8. It is safer to leave 1cm of wax in the bottom of the vessel before cleaning out with warm soapy water. Please also be mindful that wax can set in drain pipes and cause blockage. It is better for the environment if you empty the wax into a bin. 

9. Lastly, please do not leave your candle burning unattended. Your safety and your home's safety is the most important thing!